Annual Meeting 2018

We are now planning the 2018 Annual Meeting. This page will be updated as decisions are made.

This will likely run for 3 days (2 nights) in the range 20-24 August. The venue has not been set, but will be somewhere in Sweden.

Events will probably again include:

  • research presentations by all students and some PIs.
  • Soft-skills workshops
  • Student meeting
  • PI meeting
  • student-mentor meetings.

Look forward to (most likely) two awesome workshops. Niclas Jareborg will give one on the increasingly important topic of biological data management, law, and ethics. Andreas Dahlin will give another on how to create amazing scientific graphics.

MedBioInfo Annual Meetings involve presentations delivered by students, faculty talks, individual meetings with the mentor, and other meetings and social events. While MedBioInfo cannot issue credit directly, we provide a letter recommending that your home university give you 1 HP for participation.