Application deadline is February 28, 2018


We welcome PhD-students at any Swedish University in medical bioinformatics or a related subject to apply for the research school. Target groups include

  • Medical PhD students that mainly use computational tools
  • Bioinformatics PhD students in a life science subjects
  • Geneticists and other statistically oriented PhD students
  • Mathematical Medical Biology students.
  • PhD students in genomics that mainly use computational tools
  • PhD students in systems biology that mainly use computational tools


The deadline for application is Feb 28 2018. All PhDs in a relevant field at a Swedish university are welcome to apply. Priority will be given to those students that begun their studies after Jan 1 2017 or will begin before April 2018. Other students might be accepted if places become available. There will be a new call in approximately one year.

Selection criteria include, the CV and the relevance of the research project. We will strive to have a broad national distribution of students as well as a good gender balance.


Please submit your application electronically here. You will be asked for the following:

  1. Transcripts of your undergraduate courses, and a CV.
  2. Your contact information, name and contact information of your supervisor, your starting date of your PhD and a short description of your knowledge of bioinformatics, mathematics, computer science, life science and programming.
  3. A description of your research project including the bioinformatical challenges of the project, and a description why you think you would benefit from the graduate school
  4. At least one letter of recommendation from your supervisor(s). This should include a statement that the supervisor will allow you to participate in the courses and that the supervisor will provide you with a suitable laptop for participation in the courses.
  5. The answer to the following questions:
    1. List of PhD/Master level courses in Bioinformatics you have taken
    2. How often do you use Linux/Unix
    3. What is your preferred programming language ? (List all or none)
    4. Link to the github/bitbucket repository where you make most commits (if you have one)
    5. Rate your level of Bioinformatics skills (none, basic user, advanced user, developer)

If you have done it correctly you should get an automatic reply confirming your application.