The research school is supported by a generous  grant from Vetenskapsrådet 2016-06301

Financing will largely go to the courses. To minimise the need for administration we will use a fixed financing for each course as described below. All reimbursements will be handled by your university who will have to send an invoice, see the invoicing address below.

We provide the following benefits including overhead

  • For teachers/organisers of courses, by board decision the dates and times for the start and end of the residential portion of your course, as well as the location (campus and city, not room number) must be set at least six months prior to course start. The students should then get a reminder or notification at least 2 months prior to course start. Any assignments should be announced one month prior to course start. Courses must include an examination — meaning any assignment that is graded (typically Pass/Fail). You will need to provide a course evaluation to the studierektor, along with a brief statement of your quality improvement plans for the next occasion. Please post the grade on Canvas at most 2 months after course completion, and make your Canvas page public (under CC license), prior to sending your invoice. You can get help from us doing this. We provide:
    • 125.000 SEK per course to cover teaching costs, for all courses.
    • 25.000 SEK per course to invite a foreign teacher, and 25.000 SEK per course to provide a course dinner or similar social event. These additional amounts will be paid for courses intended for the 2023 and earlier incoming classes. However for budget reasons they are not paid for courses intended for the 2024 incoming class.
  • For students
    • Free participation in all courses and workshops
    • A lump-sum yearly travel stipend, for transport to the courses and Annual Meeting, and lodging at the courses. Can also be used for pedagogically justifiable expenses such as AV and other electronics, books, subscriptions, fees for external courses and conferences, etc.  This is paid to your home department. The precise amount depends on your home university location, see amounts below.
    • Funds for PhD-student-led short courses. Deadlines 28 Feb and 28 August. Contact the Studierektor.
  • For mentors
    • Free participation in the annual workshop
    • Support for traveling to workshops etc.
  • For University representatives
    • Free participation in the annual workshop
    • Support for traveling to workshops.
  • For all others
    • A limited set of spaces in all courses will be available for other students as well.
    • All teaching material will be made freely available.

For climate reasons MedBioInfo strongly discourages flying to our courses and events.

Use electronic invoicing (, otherwise invoice address is:

431 Samuel Flores, DBB
Stockholms universitet
Postbox 50741
202 70 Malmö

For students, your DEPARTMENT can bill us for a lump-sum fund for a travel (plus other education-related expense) stipend, once per year. You cannot request past-year travel stipends.

Ask your department to use electronic invoicing ( You would then send all receipts or individual expenses to your DEPARTMENT to be reimbursed or paid against that travel fund. It is your department (not MedBioInfo) which determines which individual expenses are allowed and which are not. If you underspend your budget you can use it in a future year during your PhD.

From 1 January 2022 (meaning for all of calendar year 2022), the amounts are 14000 kr/year  if your home university is in Stockholm or Uppsala. If you study elsewhere, you would get 19000 kr/year. You may apply during calendar the year (1-Jan to 31-Dec) you are admitted and the two calendar years thereafter. If in any year you do not send in an invoice by 31 December, you lose the right to that year’s travel stipend, the only exception is parental or similar leave during the entire calendar year. “Underlag” would be meals, transport, hotels, other travel expenses, books, subscriptions, electronics, external conferences.