The research school is supported by a generous  grant from Vetenskapsrådet 2016-06301

Financing will largely go to the courses. To minimise the need for administration we will use a fixed financing for each course as described below. All reimbursements will be handled by your university who will have to send an invoice to Samuel Flores, DBB-431, Stockholm University, Postbox 50741, 202 70 Malmö.

We provide the following benefits including overhead

  • For teachers/organisers of courses, by board decision your course dates must be set at least six months prior to course start. Any assignments should be announced one month prior to course start. After course completion, please provide a list of passed and non-passed students and results of your course evaluation to the Dean, and make your Canvas page public (under CC license), prior to sending your invoice. You can get help from us doing this. We provide:
    • 125.000 SEK per course to cover teaching costs.
    • 25.000 SEK per course for social activities (lunches, dinners).
    • 25.000 SEK per course for invited international speakers.
  • For students
    • Free participation in all courses and workshops
    • Funds for travel and lodging at the courses paid to the university. The precise amount depends on your home university location, see template invoices below.
  • For mentors
    • Free participation in the annual workshop
    • Support for traveling to workshops etc.
  • For University representatives
    • Free participation in the annual workshop
    • Support for traveling to workshops.
  • For all others
    • A limited set of spaces in all courses will be available for other students as well.
    • All teaching material will be made freely available.

For course coordinators, please provide the following when presenting your invoice:

  1. List of students who have passed, and brief status of enrolled students who have not (yet) passed.
  2. Course description, including learning objectives and justification of the HP awarded.
  3. Course materials, distributed openly under Creative Commons 3.0 license.

All of the above can be done in Canvas. The invoice address is:

431 Samuel Flores, DBB
Stockholms universitet
Postbox 50741
202 70 Malmö

For students, templates for the travel support invoices can be found here:


Invoice: further away