Welcome to our 2019 incoming class!

The admissions committee met 7 March 2019 and decided to offer admission to the 22 students listed below. My best wishes for the highest possible educational attainment.


Alexandros Karagiannopoulos
Antoine Honoré
Chengai Xu
David Kosek
Eleftheria Theodoropoulou
Emma Persson
Gabriele Pozzati
Haris Babačić (Babachikj)
Jana Rajova
Joel Ås
Joel Gustafsson
Juan Inda
Julia Åkesson
Julie (Wensi) Zhu
Karl Johan Westrin
Lovisa Franzén
Natalia Akkuratova
Patrick Bryant
Patrick Truong
Sandra Lilja
Thomas Hillerton
Yitian Zhou
Yu Pei
Zeyu Yao

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