Minutes from meeting March 15 2017

Physical attendees: Arne Elofsson, Lukas Käll, Lars Arvestad, Bengt Persson, Samuel Flores.
Virtual attendees: Mauno Vihinen, Björn Wallner, Jonathan Esguerra
  1. Of the 21 students offered admission, 17 have accepted already. We believe it likely that most of the others will also accept.
  2. The first course to run will be Lars Arvestad’s. Decided to run June 12-16. Potential conference conflicts were noted but dismissed.
  3. Noted that students in the forskarskola are required to have a laptop. Students shall install linux e.g. dual boot prior to first day of class.
  4. Regarding annual workshop : will aim for an isolated location; several were discussed. Decided to do it week of 21-25 august, for 1-2 nights. Planning on 40 participants.
  5. Some time should be set aside for student-mentor meetings and issues. Supervisors required to attend workshop. So far, only 3 potential supervisors have responded.
  6. Discussed possible guest speakers. Decided local speakers would be better, as the audience is small and national networking is important.
  7. Considered finding a speaker to talk about how to make a success of being a PhD student. Also, someone to talk about data management skills.
Next forskarskola meeting will be at the annual workshop in august.

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