First year medbioinfo students.

We are happy to welcome the first 21 students to the program. Here is the list.


Name Surname University PhD Research area
John Jörholt Karolinska Institutet Genetic variations in neuromuscular disease
Rasmus Magnusson Linköping University Analysis of gene regulatory networks
Lucía Peña Pérez Karolinska Institutet Lymphocytic leukemia
Tejaswi Venkata Satya Badam Linköping University Multi-omic networks in medicine and biology
Maria Araceli Diaz University of Skövde Molecular Biology, Biomedicine
Christoffer Frisk Uppsala University Computational discrimination of types of heart failure
Saman Hosseini Ashtiani Stockholm University Bioinformatics
Sukithar Kochappi Rajan Örebro University Gut microbiome phylogenetics
John Lamb Stockholm University Bioinformatics
Sailendra Pradhananga KTH Identification of biomarkers associated with drug-induced adverse drug reaction in lung cancer patients using multi-omics approach
Johanna von Seth Stockholm University Palaeogenomic
Erik Andersson Örebro University Biomarkers for inflammatory bowel disease
Max Backman Uppsala University Lung cancer immunology
Joseph Bergenstråhle KTH Demultiplexing large amount of barcodes
Ludvig Ekdal Lund University Regulatory mechanisms of blood disorders
Dina Gamaleldin Mansour Aly Lund University Diabetes Research, sequence analysis
David Grommisch Karolinska Institutet Transcriptional signaling
Sara Wernig Zorc University of Gothenburg Long non-coding RNAs in cancer signalling
Karl Dyrhage Uppsala University Bacterial genomics and proteomics
Dieudonné Nkulikiyimfura Karolinska Institutet Inference of systems-level behaviours in the immune system from single-cell data
Jakob Willforss LTH Processing and analysis of mass spectrometry data

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