Announcing MedBioInfo logo contest winner, Tejaswi Venkata Satya Badam

I am pleased to announce that the MedBioInfo logo contest winner is Tejaswi Venkata Satya Badam, of the Lubovac lab, University of Skövde. Our warmest congratulations. I have already ordered  the single board computer of Tejaswi’s choice.

I would also like to thank the two runners-up, Joseph Bergenstråhle and Rasmus Magnusson, for excellent entries. I think I can say that each of the three designs was a front-runner at some stage during the extended discussions of the judges.

The colors are black and SciLifeLab Green (PMS PANTONE: 376 CMYK: C50, M0, Y100, K0 RGB: R152, G192, B0 #95C11E). Strictly speaking we are not  a SciLifeLab entity, using this color is a matter of convenience. The key creative ingredient, the DNA with interlocking “MED” and “BIO” networks, was made by Tejaswi. After the winner was decided by the judges, I reoriented and made minor modifications in communication with Tejaswi. The logos are posted below. They may be used for MedBioInfo related activities and communications as appropriate.

Samuel Flores



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